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I am a scientific illustrator and journalist with an interest in ecology and the outdoors. I believe that my passion for multimedia storytelling and my diverse set of skills make me an ideal candidate for Outside as it continues to strengthen its online platform. I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and my experience in content management systems largely comes from navigating Squarespace. I have education and experience in photography, videography, graphic design and art. I am currently producing my first audio project for the podcast HERE BE MONSTERS , to be released on April 24th.

As a Visual Producer, I would be able to source and create images that help the reader understand the geography, science or technical complexities of a story. I would work to use visual content as punctuation for a given story; something that adds dimension to the piece while also giving the reader a moment to digest the narrative. I believe that strong (and occassionally interactive) visuals are crucial not just for getting a reader's attention, but also for keeping them on the page.

It's my hope that I will eventually be able to assist in creating an integrated, multimedia story on a single platform, and engineer a more engaging experience for the reader. Interactive videos, scroll-based animations or embedded audio are all ways to compliment a story. For Outside's gear reviews, video's of the gear could include clickable links that give the viewer information about the item's price or specifications. As an example, see the video of the fox below and click on the labels for more information. With simple tools like this, I could help give scientific or adventure stories that extra punch, or add a bit of visual grace to a more literary narrative.

Why Outside?

Outside has been on my radar as a potential employer since I moved from Montreal last year, and it's always been something that I circle back to from time to time because I admire the online writing so much. I am attracted by the idea that it's a place in which I can grow surrounded by a group of people with similar interests, honing their craft in order to help tell good stories. After working alone for a while, I have this romantic notion of a workplace community and casual Fridays. At Outside I imagine that community full of camping partners, and those casual Fridays ending with some early weekend adventure plans.


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